We are glad that you have found us, and we invite you to learn more about our church. Emmanuel Chapel is an Evangelical and Reformed Church located in Helena, MT. We are committed to biblical and reverent worship, faithful expository preaching and teaching, Christ-centered community, and the Great Commission of our Lord (Matthew 28:18-20). Emmanuel Chapel is a member of the Communion of Reformed Evangelical Churches (CREC).

The Lord’s Supper
04/01/2014 (02:25 PM)

Our hope and glory this morning is in the Lord Jesus Christ, and this is reflected at the Lord’s Table. There is nothing that you contribute so as to earn your place at the Table. You don’t work your way to this meal. No, you don’t bring anything except your complete need and hunger for Jesus Christ, and in this meal it is him that you receive.

Here in this meal our Lord feeds us with his body and blood, and we see afresh that we are always and ever dependent upon him. (We are continually in need of the cleansing blood of Christ). Here in a tangible way we experiance the truth that Christ has given himself for us and that we belong to him. Here our salvation is set before us, and we behold the glory and sufficiency of our Savior. Our hope and glory is in Christ and in him alone.

Lord’s Supper
02/15/2014 (12:32 PM)

In the Lord’s Supper we commemorate and remember all that the Lord has done for us in Jesus Christ. Here we see that our Lord Jesus has accomplished full, free, and everlastingsalvation. He has defeated Sin and Satan. He has made a full atonement for our sin, and he has been raised from the dead—the beginning of the new creation. In Lord’s Supper the great works of our Lord’s salvation are brought before us and we remember and celebrate by keeping this feast.

But the Lord’s Supper is not only about celebrating the Lord’s work in the past. We also look ahead to what he is going to do.Here at the Table we are anticipating what things will be when the full consequences of our Lord’s redemptive work have been realized. We look ahead in faith to the full manifestion of God’s kingdom and the New Creation in all its glory. As we keep this feast week by week, we also look ahead to the great feast that awaits us when history comes to its consummation.

Here we anticipate the marriage supper of the Lamb. Here we commemorate the great works that God has done and look ahead to the great things that will be. So come, eat, and drink and rejoice. Here is a foretaste of the great heavenly banquet.

Sunday Morning Exhortation
11/04/2013 (03:08 PM)

One of the things our worship does is give us a truer understanding of God and the world around us. Worship helps us to see things as they really rather than as they might appear to be.

We see this in Psalm 73.At the beginning of the Psalm everything seems to be wrong with the world.The Psalmist sees the wicked prospering and getting away with all kinds of evil. They ask, “How can God know?” The Psalmist even begins to wonder what good his faithfulness has been.But then what happens?We hear in verses 16 and 17:

When I tried to understand all this,

It was oppressive to me

Till I entered the sanctuary of God;

Then I understood their final destiny.

The Psalmist began to see the truth behind what was happening.He now saw what God was doing. Everything changed when he went to the sanctuary of the Lord.To put this in New Testament language, everything changed when he went to church to worship God with the gathered congregation.

As we come to worship we gain a fresh perspective on what God is doing.We see the world as it truly is.We realize that the Lord as sovereign over all, and he is doing all things for his good purposes–even allowing the wicked to prosper for a time.

Worship brings clarity to our lives.It helps us to see things as they truly are, and not as they so often appear to be.

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